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“The Private Practice Summit is the best practice growth event you’ve never heard of...”
Tony Delagall - PT, Edinburgh, TX
Everything Has Changed... Again
We witness rapid changes in healthcare every single day. Physical Therapy is the profession most affected by such changes. And if it's not one thing, it's another; new Medicare rules and coding, challenges in hiring and maintaining good clinical staff, reductions in insurance reimbursements.

The challenges of the healthcare environment affect Private Practice Owners in a way other healthcare professionals just don't feel. A recent nationwide survey revealed that the Average per visit PT reimbursement is just $101 with a profit margin less than 12%. A whopping 12% profit margin! 

This isn't just a low number, it's a dangerous number for your practice. It presents very real and tangible dangers of insolvency and non-viability in your practice. It makes it virtually impossible to hire quality staff, maintain a competitive location and cover your other basic operational costs. 

This is the reality Private Practice PT's face today in 2018. And unfortunately, the outlook doesn't look any better for 2020... unless PTs look beyond 2020.

For the past 2 years, the nation's most elite private practitioners descend on New York City to learn what’s new, what’s hot, and what’s actually working RIGHT NOW in Physical Therapy. Even more, they learn the strategies and tools they need for their practice to thrive BEYOND 2020. 

Here’s what you can expect to learn at this year’s Private Practice Summit...

The Diagnostic Breakthrough

With newfound breakthroughs and developments in the pioneering of diagnostic tests into Physical Therapy, it now easier and significantly more profitable to treat patients than ever before. On day 1, our founders, Dr. Dimitrios Kostopoulos and Dr. Kostantine Rizopoulos will break down the practicality of these tests and show you how you can leverage them to get higher reimbursements and a greater competitive edge while simultaneously helping your patients recover faster.

The MSKUS Advantage

We’ve conducted over 1000 musculoskeletal ultrasounds as an organization in the last 6 months, and our MSKUS Director, Mohini Rawat will brand new, never-before-released data proving how much more effective your treatments can be with this tool.

The EMG Advantage

At HODS, we have taken it upon ourselves to make EMG testing common-practice for PTs. This year, we will have one of the leading voices in the entire world, Dr. Jun Kimura, share his expertise on this test. 

The Growth Session

Plus ultra-relevant breakout sessions on topics such as:
The 7-Figure Panel, Management Secrets for Rapid and Stable Growth, Cutting-Edge Marketing Strategies (that actually works), Instant Income-Doubling Strategies, and much, much more.
The Private Practice Summit is the #1  physical therapy growth and success conference in North America for a reason.
Join us to find out what’s working now in Private Practice...
50% Off Discounted Tickets Expire Soon
Meet Our Speakers
More Speakers Coming Soon...
The hour-by-hour itinerary for the event
7:00 AM // Registration
Complete on-site and pick up your materials, all-access pass and special instructions.

7:30 AM // Doors Open
Come grab your seat, your coffee and get ready to learn the secrets of running a "next level" private practice.
8:00 AM // "Big Picture Session"
Learn exactly what you can expect from the event and discover how you can position yourself to get the most out of your event. 
8:00 AM // "Secrets to 10x Achieving 10X Reimbursements"
Discover the "hidden" codes that produce 5X to 10X reimbursements for your practice and let you double or triple profit margins.
8:30 AM // "PT Practice Beyond 2020"
In this keynote from renowned private practitioner and clinician, Dr. Dimitrios Kostopoulos, you'll discover how to future-proof your practice and maximize impact.
9:30 AM // "Advance to the Next Level: Your Game Plan for Practice Independence & Financial Freedom"
This presentation by P. Christopher Music will show you financial management secrets that will give you the leverage to build the future of your dreams. 
9:00 AM // "The Mastermind pt.1"
Find out the most important growth factors from successful private practice peers.
11:00 AM // "The 5 Key Marketing Steps to Double Your Income in Less than a Year"
Neil Trickett reveals the fastest- and most effective means to double your income using next level marketing strategies. 
10:00 AM // "Ownership Growth Challenges"
Discover solutions to the most pressing growth challenges facing private practice owners to scaling to 7-figures and beyond.
12:00 PM // Lunch
Grab a bite to eat and get ready for the second half of the day.
11:00 AM // "7-Figure Management Secrets"
Nationally-recognized management expert and HODS CEO, Craig Ferreira will share his biggest keys for practice management he's learned from over 25 years of consulting.
1:00 PM // "The Diagnostic Revolution in Action"
Learn the blueprint for effectively adding diagnostic testing to your practice and being able to wield a massive financial- and clinical advantage over your competition.
12:00 PM // Lunch
Grab a bite to eat and get ready for the second half of the day.
2:00 PM // "The Anti-Stress Multi-Clinic Method"
Discover the management strategies and operational tactics necessary for your practice to thrive with a multiple locations without losing your mind.
1:00 PM // "7-Figure Staffing Solutions"
You want to grow your practice, but that means building a team that can handle your goals. During this session, learn keys to building and managing an A-Team in your clinic.
3:00 PM // "The Mastermind pt.2"
Find out the most important growth factors from successful private practice peers.
2:00 PM // "Turn New Patient Problems Into Profit"
Whether you're seeing 10 new patients a week or 100 new patients per week, you'll discover the best strategies for minimizing problems and maximizing their visits with you.
4:00 PM // Strategic Game Planning
During this guided session you'll put together a massive action plan from all of the information you've received. Now, when you return home, you'll be ready to start implementing immediately.
3:30 PM // "The Lost Art of Clinical Consistency"
We have financial metrics for success as PTs, but so do our patients. In this session, you'll discover secrets to ensure consistent clinical treatment and a few secrets to increase it.
5:30 PM // End

4:30 PM // "Marketing & PR Secrets that Actually Work in Today's Economy"
We're constantly bombarded with new "silver bullets" for growth, but how do you know what really works? Learn what's working now and how you can maximize your marketing.
7:00 PM // The HODS VIP Dinner
Get dressed up for a New York night with successful PTs from across the country.
"It’s everything you need to know about beating slumping reimbursements and positioning your practice for success in the future."
Game changing sessions (delivered by private practice pros that actually do this stuff) on every topic that matters to the growth of your practice.

How to Reimburse 5X - 10X

Discover exactly how you can increase your average reimbursement per patient visit by 5X - 10X with the use of advanced test. You’ll also learn the codes you need to use and the billing secrets that will get you paid faster.

Financial Prosperity for Physical Therapists Right Here, Right Now

Discover how to experience a lifetime of financial success on your own terms in your private practice. These sessions will empower you to develop a rock-solid game plan for your financial future.

Marketing for Bigger Impact

Jaw-dropping marketing and business principles that will catapult you and your business to the next level.

Success Panel Interview Series

Sessions that arm the modern day private practitioner with the winning strategies and tactics from the trenches. Glean from practitioners with various backgrounds; learning the secrets that have helped them build wildly successful practices.

The Diagnostic Revolution

Learn the new changes and industry breakthroughs that are putting PTs in control of their future like never before, thanks to diagnostic testing.

MSKUS & EMG Workshops

Learn exactly how these tests work up close and personal.These sessions will not only provide you CEUs, but you'll get a first-hand experience on how powerful these are with PT.

Hot Seat and Q&A

Get your most burning questions answered and your major problems solved from our team of expert PT consultants, private practice gurus and industry mavens in a very transparent and intimate environment. You have questions, we’ve got answers.

5 Revenue Models For High Profits

Get your hands on the new revenue models  you can add to what you’re currently models. Just one or implement all 5 to create the future where you’re in control– not the insurances.
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Are You Ready to Finally Break the barriers
in your private practice?
The Venue
Sheraton Brooklyn
The beautiful Sheraton Brooklyn provides an environment that easily transitions from dynamic meetings to top-notch relaxation with luxury guest rooms, with thousands of square feet of meeting space. 
Right in the heart of Downton Brooklyn, the Sheraton is only steps from some of NYC's biggest and most iconic attractions. Only a 15 minutes  or a few stops from Manhattan.
The VIP Awards Dinner
Invitation Only Bonus
An Evening of NYC Fine Dining, Recognition and Networking.
When you purchase your ticket to the Private Practice Summit, you will get a bonus VIP ticket to the Annual HODS Awards Dinner. Think of it as your all-access pass to the Hands-On Diagnostics members-only event of the year. 

More than just a fancy meal and a reason to get dressed up like you only can in New York City, you'll get to rub shoulders in an intimate setting with some of the nation's most elite (and down-to-earth) practitioners. Many whom have gone from struggling and toiling in their practice- to breaking significant barriers in their profits, growth and clinical expertise.

Relationships are one of the greatest commodities you have as a business owner. And the new relationships you'll solidify this night will inevitably lead to some of the greatest breakthroughs ever in your practice. The conversations alone are worth their weight in gold.

Bon appétit!
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